Anxiety Blend ~ Dropper Lid

$29.99 AUD

What's included:
15ml amber glass bottle with dropper lid. 

This remedy is being sold without a box - to minimise waste - what you see is what you will receive. The bottle is labelled with dosing instructions, storage and ingredients for you to have on hand. 

How to dose:
With the dropper lids they are ideal for on-the-go. Like all of our remedies - you can simply take 2 drops directly under the tongue or pop the drops into your water, shake and sip as required throughout the day. Best dosed in a clean mouth, away from food and drink by approx. 10 minutes, this is ideal. 

To make the products last for longer, of course sipping in water will go further so it is up to you. Both are effective!

Store in a cool dark place out of reach of children and away from electronic devices where possible.
Out of direct sunlight and heat is ideal for long term storage. 

Before use:
If pregnant or breastfeeding, please seek individual Homeopathic or medical advice before use. We are unable to consult on whether this remedy is right for you via email. If symptoms persist, please seek medical advice from a Homeopath or medical professional. 

Inactive ingredients: Brandy and distilled water

Full list of active ingredients: Click here