10 Homeopathic Blends + Remedies in Travel Case

$189.00 AUD

Our blends have arrived in stock in our beautiful RMDY custom travel cases. 5 remedies fit comfortable in each side, a total of 10 spaces, elasticated into place with a middle bumper. The case is made of a medium-hard shell making it great for traveling and on the go. 

Bundle of 10 includes 
Includes 15ml remedies of the following: 

  1. Anxiety Blend
  2. Cough Blend
  3. Headache Blend
  4. Head Cold Blend
  5. Flu Blend
  6. Parasite Blend
  7. Merc Sol
  8. Ledum
  9. Ipecacuanha 
  10. Ferrum Phos  

Carry Case (suitable to carry up to 10  x 15-20ml bottles).
Please note that Melissa picked our top 4 new remedies to bring across to make the 10 bundle, please review the video consult recording to see if these are something you're interested in prior to purchase. Bundles are not customisable. 

Recording Available:

Digital reference booklet copy included which will be on your order confirmation email or available in the Facebook group (pinned). This a great tool to save in your phone files/downloads. No hard copy is included with this travel bundle. You may purchase the FH Reference Booklet separately if you wish to do so. 

The remedies are each preserved in brandy and water and are liquid stock. Ingredients are listed on each individual bottle. 

Simply add ~2 drops to a bottle of water as directed in the booklet. 

Each kit does come with a 2 year best before date. 

Suitable from birth, through pregnancy and of all ages.

7 day lead time. Please allow appropriate time for the shipment to arrive thereafter. You will receive tracking information as soon as your kit is ready to ship. Please check Spam/junk folder.

NOTE: Before your kit and/or remedies are shipped you must attend and view the first aid zoom session with Melissa Kupsch, Homeopath. This is a TGA requirement. The video and upcoming sessions can be found and readily available in your order confirmation email. Please check SPAM if you don't receive this.